Red Hall and ChairmanWelcome to the Bourne United Charities

Bourne United Charities are firmly committed to make Bourne better for its residents. We have, and continue to, support schemes to enhance the quality of life of our residents; to create areas of beauty, tranquillity, recreation and respect for our forebears. Bourne is unique in South Kesteven in providing the vast majority of maintained open space for the recreational needs of its residents solely by the efforts of the Bourne United Charities in many and varied ways.

Did you know, for example, we take responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of the Memorial Gardens, guardianship of its respect and tribute to the many townspeople who served their country with great bravery and gave their lives in the cause of freedom for so many. The numerous local people who toiled to keep our country fed and our woodlands maintained. We, Bourne United Charities, are proud to show our commitment to 'our people' by preserving and enhancing the Memorial Gardens over many years, ensuring that it remains, without unnecessary embellishments, a place of tranquil remembrance.

I hope you will see, as you browse through this website, the positive impact of our work striving to keep Bourne a happy, thriving community. The dedicated Trustees, the hard working staff, all doing their best to give Bourne’s residents, old and new, real opportunities to enhance their lives and to say, "Thank goodness we live in Bourne".

I must pay tribute to Trevor Hollinshead who, as Chairman of our Estates Committee, has been instrumental in taking forward and seeing through, so many improvements to our facilities in Bourne.

We are not secretive; we do our job as required and as scrutinised by the Charity Commission. We do it in a discreet and compassionate way, serving residents individually and collectively in the best way we know how. We are merely the stewards of the philanthropic actions of those who went before us. Judge us on what we do for the long term benefit of the town. We too love Bourne very much.

Trevor Holmes

June 2014


We are indebted to Rex Needle for providing pictures and historical data for the web site.